• Audit Assistants

  • Final & Inter CAs

  • Paid Assistants

  • We have well trained and experienced personnel proficient in all aspects of our assignments supported by the most modern and sophisticated infrastructure fully equipped with ultra modern facilities and is located in Ahmedabad. Also we have strong network of Lawyer's, CA's,CS’s, MBA's and other professionals.

    01   Partner GST & Project Finance Division   Naigam H Shah   M. Com, F.C.A
    02   Partner Income Tax & Audit Division   Ankit K Shah   B. Com, A. C.A., Inter C.S., C.F.A.
    03   GST Executive   Jeny N Shah   M. Com, C.I.C.
    04   GST Executive   Viral V Gandhi   M. Com Inter CA
    05   Income Tax Executive   Jainam Shah   B. Com, Final CA
    06   Audit Executive   Dharmik Vora   B.B.A. Inter CA
    07   Audit and Accounts Executive   Utsav J Shah   M Com
    08   Article Assistant ( GST and Companies Act )   Dhara Dasadiya   M Com Final CA
    09   Article Assistant ( Income Tax )   Anuj Sanghvi   B Com Final CA
    10   Article Assistant ( GST and Companies Act )   Niyati Shah   B Com Final CA
    11   Article Assistant ( Audit and Accounts )   Heet Shah   B Com Inter CA
    12   Article Assistant ( Income Tax )   Kaushik Patel   B Com Inter CA
    13   Article Assistant ( Audit and Accounts )   Neha Nirmal   B Com Inter CA
    14   Article Assistant ( Audit and Accounts )   Sayali Patil   B Com Inter CA
    15   Article Assistant (Audit and Accounts )   Chandani   B Com Inter CA
    16   Office Coordinator   Mr. Satish Nayak    H.S.C.